Day 10…great weather!

Today it wasn’t too hot, had a nice breeze and there was no rain (very little so far).

Today the National Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist, stopped by to give a talk to Hometown Media and answer some questions.  I lost the wireless signal right after I started, which is why it doesn’t start right at the beginning.

Was a little slow today, so I went out in the field and interviewed Baden-Powell who is the founder of Scouting at the recreation of Brownsea Island.  If you get a chance to see it, please do, as the actors are great and I’m thinking it’s pretty authentic including the games the early Scouts played when they were there.

Tonight I will be doing our second Facebook Live with our Council Troop’s at 7 pm, if you want to tune in.

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Day 9…President Trump Visits!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have to work today as our tents were being used for security checks by the Secret Service.  So I took it easy and as the time became nearer for the Presidents speech, I could tell there was a lot of antipathy about going to it by a number of Scouters. I also heard the line to get in was a mile and a half long to get in, which didn’t make it very appealing either.

So with many other leaders from our area not going I found another younger Scout Professional from the Phoenix area and he and I walked over. The line was indeed long, but it moved remarkably fast.

So once I was in I found our Council Contingent and sat with them.  Fortunately it wasn’t too hot and the pre-speech activities kept the Scouts entertained.

As to the speech, it was about 40 minutes long and was the unvarnished person we have come to expect of President Trump.  So by that, it was political in nature, and recanted much of what we have heard on the election this past November, the repeal of Obamacare and various other jabs.  He did of course weave Boys Scouts into it all, but it wasn’t as much as you would expect and he got muted reactions more than once.  But the Scouts in our Troop, I think did enjoy it, but maybe more for its patriotic tone?

So, if nothing else, the speech was entertaining  and did make some good points on persevering through tough times and keeping your momentum. It will be interesting to get more Scout reactions when we do the Facebook Live tomorrow night.

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Day 8…Short Day!

Because of all the church services this morning, things didn’t start until 1 pm today. It didn’t help that fact the Opening Ceremonies ended around 10pm last night, as most people went to bed later than usual anyway.

As far as the Opening Ceremony was concerned, the main question was, who would be the musical act.  All the rumors I heard were Imagine Dragons. However, it tuned out to be the X Ambassadors.  I wasn’t sure who they were at first, but definitely recognized their song. Renegades.

During their four song set, the lead singer made a statement about LBGTQ rights and how much progress Boy Scouts have made to that end. Of course, he didn’t have to say it as the band wasn’t hired to tell us their political views, but is was to be expected.  I’m not sure many of the Scouts cared anyway though, as they just wanted to hear the music. The bummer for people that weren’t there was there were streaming problems with the live broadcast and the band didn’t allow replays of it.  So I would say their name was fitting as in X.

My son definitely enjoyed things as evidenced by my wife’s post on Facebook last night.

As I started off, it was a short day as we not only had to be out of out tent by 4:30 pm, but we had to have things entirely cleaned out of it.  We had to do it as the Secret Service need to start setting up for President Trump’s visit tomorrow. They are going to turn our area into a security check area for everyone entering the amphitheater.

I thought it ironic, that the only Merit badge being shut down because of the President’s visit o Monday was the Journalism one?

So I have the day off tomorrow, except for the Presidents visit, when everyone needs to be in the amphitheater by 5:30, for when the President arrives as 6:00.  I’ve heard some people (adults) aren’t coming because of the tight security, or they don’t like him.  I would imagine those would be in the minority though as it isn’t often you get to see the President in person, regardless of who they are.

So if I write about tomorrow, it will be about the Presidents visit.

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Day 7…very hot!

It seemed as hot today as any other day, but today the Summit announced:I’m not aware there was anything serious as a result of, but we were filling up the water bottles constantly.

Today the Boy Scout President, Randall Stephenson, was by to tape an interview with three Scouts, just outside our tent.  Later he came in and took a photo with everyone on the Boys Life/Hometown Media teams.

We also found out today that our Boys Life/Hometown Media tents need to be cleared on Monday by noon as they are going to be converted into security entrances for the amphitheater when President Trump comes that afternoon.  I also heard people can’t wear hats or belt buckles.  Belts I understand, but hats sound pretty crazy considering the heat/sun.

I also offered to help Troop/Crew/Post with their website or social media today.  No one took me up on the offer yet and the invitation is open through the duration of the Jamboree.

Tonight is the first big event in the amphitheater with the Celebration of Scouting Show from 7:30-9:30 pm.

Finally, did a Facebook Live last night with our Council Troops and another one today, when Lee Berger was speaking at the Hometown News  Althugh I have tried Facebook Live before, this was the first time I ever used for an organized event and was pleased with the results 😀

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Day 6…first rainstorm!

It has been hot the entire time we have been here, but it hasn’t rained until today.  And that was only about a half hour. Unfortunately our luck may have ran our as I understand there is rain forecast for the duration of our stay to some degree.  Needless to say, we were ready and sealed up our tents.

The timing of today’s rain was good, because shortly thereafter, U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, had a statue unveiled and the announcement of the Rex W. Tillerson Leadership Center.  There were a lot of Scouts in attendance and at the end, many chanted, USA, USA!  There is a rumor circulating that President, Donald Trump, will be here on Monday…

Helped a lot of Scouts with posts on the Boys Life at the Jamboree site, including a group of Scouts who will be doing a daily video blog from the Jamboree of the Venture Crew from Texas.

Will be doing a Facebook Live for our Council Troop tonight at 7pm, if you want to tune in!

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Day 6…Scouts enjoy first full day of the Jamboree!

Today everything started at 8am and went strong up until 5pm! Although we (Boys Life) have a premier location (next to the amphitheater) we are somewhat hard to see.  So we got more Scouts today but I personally only helped one Scout with an Instagram post.

So I went out to where the Scouts are and shot a couple of videos.  The first was the showing how patch trading works and then a second about Sea Scouts.

There was also supposed to be a Press Conference by author Terry Fossum, who is an Eagle Scout and wilderness survival expert in Hometown Media, but he was a no show.  So we did a Twitter live stream while waiting for him, which turned into a tour of the Hometown Media area.

The good thing is it did us a chance to see how live streaming would work.  So the AT&T Wireless which started out good, signal has deteriorated significantly as more people have arrived which is taxing the network.  Figuring 20,000+ phones could be connected at one time, it might be a feat in itself it even works all, as I have seem worse.  However the AT&T on my cellular works great, so live streaming will be that way.

Finally, last night at 6pm, they started the daily ‘Boys Life Live’, which they are getting ready now, for tonight’s installment.

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Day 5…Scouts arrive!

Scouts were rolling in all day and our view out our tent changed a lot with all the blue/gray tents popping up everywhere!  Our Council contingent, including my 15 year old son, arrived as well, although not sure where they are at this point?

As far as Scouts in our booths were concerned, was just a trickle as most of then were probably getting set up and oriented.

Other areas were out aggressively promoting their areas, such as the zip lines folks which had absolutely no line!

So, I’m expecting that we will be in full swing tomorrow as the Scouts fan out through the Jamboree!

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Day 4…all set up!

It’s probably good that Scouts will arrive throughout the day tomorrow, as things won’t be as busy at the different areas and give us a chance to shake out things.  And the schedule is 12-5pm. So Thursday should be when things are in full swing when things will be open from 8am-5pm.

Today the media was here for a press conference to hear the BSA National President, Mike Surbaugh and other National staff talk about the Jamboree, which I sent a tweet out about.

We also got a chance to do a video, where i acted at the camerman ad Don Dare, who is a newscaster from Knoxville, do the interview.  He interviewed Bud Fosdick from our Council who has attended 16 Jamborees!

I also had a chance to meet Chief Scout, Mike Surbaugh  personally, which was kind of cool.

We ended uo the night with a live band in camp pretty close to where I am which was neat. They plan to have five more bashes, which means the Scouts will have a lot of entertainment ahead of them!


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Day 3…Getting ready for the Scouts

Made a lot of headway today getting the areas set up for the Scouts who arrive on Wednesday, the official start of the Jamboree. In the Hometowns Media area, the staff got Microsoft Office installed on the laptops the Scouts will be using to write stories.  On the Boys Life side, the Aaron Derr and his team were working to get the video editing software working rights I tweeted earlier.

I had a chance to get out and look at the area around where we are, which is around the main amphitheater, where at some point, will have some 25,000+ Scouts attending events. Two of the zip lines go directly overhead the Summit Center and you can tell people are having lots of fun judging by their screams 😆There will be 51 merit badges offered this year.  One of the most interesting ones is the Radio merit badge, which is right down the hill from us as their team has a lot of equipment set up and I’m sure the Scouts will get plenty of hands on experience.

Finally I had a chance to go into the main Trading Post that is in the Summit Center area.   They have a lot more things like patches and absolutely no wait to check out as there are a lot of cashiers.  They tell you it is a better deal buying at the Jamboree, so stock up! Oh and I did get a belt, belt buckle, mug patches and a camp chair…as you definitely want one at your tent!

So final tuning for tomorrow and it’s game on!

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Day 2…Arrived at the Summit!

As mentioned yesterday, we were on the 10:00 am bus for the Summit from the Charlotte Airport.  While at the hotel, we ran into Jonathan who is is the leader of the contingent from Liberia.  Many International Scouts are at the Jamboree to see how we do it, for the 2019 World Jamboree is at the Bechtel Summit too. Below is a photo of Jonathan and Jay who I met yesterday from my Twitter post earlier today.

So after after about a four hour ride to the Summit, we unloaded and checked in at the Welcome Center which is really nice and super efficient in getting people checked in.

After finding my tent and their LOTS of them, I went down to the Hometown News / Boys Life area where I’ll be working.  The Hometown News Team was hard at work getting things set up but the Boys Life team was already gone, so we’ll see them tomorrow. They are in large interconnecting tents, so should be lots of synergy.

So I took the bus back to Base Camp E where most of the staff is and had dinner with Jay and made lots of new friends.  As you might imagine, these are group of really dedicated Scout leaders and to feed then all there is a dining room that can serve 10,000 of them…the place is HUGE!  Food is pretty good too!

Went to the Protestant Staff worship service which was well attended right after dinner in the dining hall as a Scout is Reverent!

Chaplain Kirk Altman

So first day of work starts tomorrow!

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