Day 3…Getting ready for the Scouts!

Made a lot of headway today getting the areas set up for the Scouts who arrive on Wednesday, the official start of the Jamboree. In the Hometowns Media area, the staff got Microsoft Office installed on the laptops the Scouts will be using to write stories.  On the Boys Life side, the Aaron Derr and his team were working to get the video editing software working rights I tweeted earlier.

I had a chance to get out and look at the area around where we are, which is around the main amphitheater, where at some point, will have some 25,000+ Scouts attending events. Two of the zip lines go directly overhead the Summit Center and you can tell people are having lots of fun judging by their screams 😆There will be 51 merit badges offered this year.  One of the most interesting ones is the Radio merit badge, which is right down the hill from us as their team has a lot of equipment set up and I’m sure the Scouts will get plenty of hands on experience.

Finally I had a chance to go into the main Trading Post that is in the Summit Center area.   They have a lot more things like patches and absolutely no wait to check out as there are a lot of cashiers.  They tell you it is a better deal buying at the Jamboree, so stock up! Oh and I did get a belt, belt buckle, mug patches and a camp chair…as you definitely want one at your tent!

So final tuning for tomorrow and it’s game on!

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