Day 6…Scouts enjoy first full day of the Jamboree!

Today everything started at 8am and went strong up until 5pm! Although we (Boys Life) have a premier location (next to the amphitheater) we are somewhat hard to see.  So we got more Scouts today but I personally only helped one Scout with an Instagram post.

So I went out to where the Scouts are and shot a couple of videos.  The first was the showing how patch trading works and then a second about Sea Scouts.

There was also supposed to be a Press Conference by author Terry Fossum, who is an Eagle Scout and wilderness survival expert in Hometown Media, but he was a no show.  So we did a Twitter live stream while waiting for him, which turned into a tour of the Hometown Media area.

The good thing is it did us a chance to see how live streaming would work.  So the AT&T Wireless which started out good, signal has deteriorated significantly as more people have arrived which is taxing the network.  Figuring 20,000+ phones could be connected at one time, it might be a feat in itself it even works all, as I have seem worse.  However the AT&T on my cellular works great, so live streaming will be that way.

Finally, last night at 6pm, they started the daily ‘Boys Life Live’, which they are getting ready now, for tonight’s installment.

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