Day 8…Boy Scout President, Randall Stephenson interviewed!

It seemed as hot today as any other day, but today the Summit announced:I’m not aware there was anything serious as a result of, but we were filling up the water bottles constantly.

Today the Boy Scout President, Randall Stephenson, was by to tape an interview with three Scouts, just outside our tent.  Later he came in and took a photo with everyone on the Boys Life/Hometown Media teams.

We also found out today that our Boys Life/Hometown Media tents need to be cleared on Monday by noon as they are going to be converted into security entrances for the amphitheater when President Trump comes that afternoon.  I also heard people can’t wear hats or belt buckles.  Belts I understand, but hats sound pretty crazy considering the heat/sun.

I also offered to help Troop/Crew/Post with their website or social media today.  No one took me up on the offer yet and the invitation is open through the duration of the Jamboree.

Tonight is the first big event in the amphitheater with the Celebration of Scouting Show from 7:30-9:30 pm.

Finally, did a Facebook Live last night with our Council Troops and another one today, when Lee Berger was speaking at the Hometown News  Althugh I have tried Facebook Live before, this was the first time I ever used for an organized event and was pleased with the results 😀

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