Day 9…Being Reverent!

Because of all the church services this morning, things didn’t start until 1 pm today. It didn’t help that fact the Opening Ceremonies ended around 10pm last night, as most people went to bed later than usual anyway.

As far as the Opening Ceremony was concerned, the main question was, who would be the musical act.  All the rumors I heard were Imagine Dragons. However, it tuned out to be the X Ambassadors.  I wasn’t sure who they were at first, but definitely recognized their song. Renegades.

During their four song set, the lead singer made a statement about LBGTQ rights and how much progress Boy Scouts have made to that end. Of course, he didn’t have to say it as the band wasn’t hired to tell us their political views, but is was to be expected.  I’m not sure many of the Scouts cared anyway though, as they just wanted to hear the music. The bummer for people that weren’t there was there were streaming problems with the live broadcast and the band didn’t allow replays of it.  So I would say their name was fitting as in X.

My son definitely enjoyed things as evidenced by my wife’s post on Facebook last night.

As I started off, it was a short day as we not only had to be out of out tent by 4:30 pm, but we had to have things entirely cleaned out of it.  We had to do it as the Secret Service need to start setting up for President Trump’s visit tomorrow. They are going to turn our area into a security check area for everyone entering the amphitheater.

I thought it ironic, that the only Merit badge being shut down because of the President’s visit o Monday was the Journalism one?

So I have the day off tomorrow, except for the Presidents visit, when everyone needs to be in the amphitheater by 5:30, for when the President arrives as 6:00.  I’ve heard some people (adults) aren’t coming because of the tight security, or they don’t like him.  I would imagine those would be in the minority though as it isn’t often you get to see the President in person, regardless of who they are.

So if I write about tomorrow, it will be about the Presidents visit.

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