Day 10…President Trump Visits!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have to work today as our tents were being used for security checks by the Secret Service.  So I took it easy and as the time became nearer for the Presidents speech, I could tell there was a lot of antipathy about going to it by a number of Scouters. I also heard the line to get in was a mile and a half long to get in, which didn’t make it very appealing either.

So with many other leaders from our area not going I found another younger Scout Professional from the Phoenix area and he and I walked over. The line was indeed long, but it moved remarkably fast.

So once I was in I found our Council Contingent and sat with them.  Fortunately it wasn’t too hot and the pre-speech activities kept the Scouts entertained.

As to the President speech, it was about 40 minutes long and was the unvarnished person we have come to expect of President Trump.  So by that, it was political in nature, and recanted much of what we have heard on the election this past November, the repeal of Obamacare and various other jabs.  He did of course weave Boys Scouts into it all, but it wasn’t as much as you would expect and he got muted reactions more than once.  But the Scouts in our Troop, I think did enjoy it, but maybe more for its patriotic tone?

So, if nothing else, the speech was entertaining  and did make some good points on persevering through tough times and keeping your momentum. It will be interesting to get more Scout reactions when we do the Facebook Live tomorrow night.

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