Day 14…Scouts and many Scouters leave!

My son and our Council Troops were on the bus at 6am this morning.  My two tentmates already left too.  Had I known, I might have left too, but at least I beat the craziness of everyone trying to leave at once.  There are still a decent number people here, and I understand food will be served through Sunday.  Nevertheless, it is much quieter around here and with faster Wi-Fi!  I will be leaving tomorrow morning.

I did wear my Troop 362 red beret today as it occurred to me I never wore it.  I did get a couple of compliments on it, especially those that remembered it from the 1970’s.

It rained a fair amount today, so I have spent a good deal amount of time in my tent as there isn’t much else to do anyway besides writing this blog and getting caught up on emails and such.

Looking back on my time here, it was two fulfilling weeks.  I was particularly impressed with the dedication of most of the volunteers, who most no longer have their sons or daughters in Scouting.  In fact, except one other couple who has an older daughter in Venturing, there was no other volunteer in my area with a Boy Scout son at the Jamboree. So these are people that are here just for the love of Scouting and the camaraderie.

One person I was particularly impressed with was my tentmate Don Dare, who is a reporter out of Knoxville, Tennessee with WATE 6 and brought a real sense of professionalism to what we are doing.  And there he was helping not only the young Scouts shoot a video, but was a role model for the budding broadcasters, Maggie and Sean in helping put together the Boys Life Facebook Live broadcast we did for a week.

Another great volunteer, was my other tentmate, Steve Buhman, who is a great photographer, who works as a University Photographer at SIU in Carbondale, Illinois.  Most volunteers get off at 5pm every day when the tents closed, but Steve was typically there to 8pm and beyond.  In addition, he traveled to different camps in the morning and at night to shoot different events.

There are other volunteers in the Hometown News that I thought particularly dedicated including John, who kept the all the technology operational and people like Jeff Richards from Moab, Utah,who just wanted to help and had a great attitude!

All of the Boys life staff, including Bryan Wendell and Bryan Wursten and Aaron Derr were great to work with.  It felt we could just hand something off and it would get done right, to the satisfaction of us both.

Speaking of Boys Life, my son Nathan came in yesterday and recorded a video which made it on the Boys Life Live last night on Facebook.  Here is the excerpt from it.

Finally, although I didn’t intend to do it, I met the all of the National Key 3 in person, including Chief Scout, Mike Surbaugh, President Randall Stephenson, who is also President/CEO of ATT and Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist II

So the talk right now, is will people try to go to the World Scout Jamboree in 2019, which is also at the Summit?  It should be roughly twice the size of this, but there will only be 10,000 U.S. Scouts that can go and one would assume half as many volunteers as well.  I would be inclined at this point and my son Nathan, said he would also like to go!

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