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Day 15…I left…fortunately!

After checking my shuttle reservation last night and  I discovered that I was actually scheduled for the bus the day before, even thought my flight was 4:35 pm this afternoon.  After contacting TMS, (the bus service) by email, their auto response was basically, sorry out of luck and that there were no morning shuttles to Charlotte.

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Day 14…Scouts and many Scouters leave!

My son and our Council Troops were on the bus at 6am this morning.  My two tentmates already left too.  Had I known, I might have left too, but at least I beat the craziness of everyone trying to leave at once.  There are still a decent number people here, and I understand food will be served through Sunday.  Nevertheless, it is much quieter around here and with faster Wi-Fi!  I will be leaving tomorrow morning.

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Day 13…Last day for events!

I got an earlier start than usual, so I could meet my son. Nathan, at the Council encampment and help get him around to some merit badge classes when they opened. Continue reading

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Day 12…Chief Scout Visits!

Today the Chief Scout, Mike Surbaugh, came for an interview at the Home Town Media.  I have been doing at the Facebook Live streams for them, so  I did this one too.  One question I really wanted to ask him, but couldn’t as it is supposed to be for Scouts only, is if Boys Scouts will allow girls to join? It didn’t didn’t come up, but when the Mike took one last question it did. Continue reading

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Day 11…National Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist, stopped by!

Today it wasn’t too hot, had a nice breeze and there was no rain (very little so far).

Today the National Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist, stopped by to give a talk to Hometown Media and answer some questions.  I lost the wireless signal right after I started, which is why it doesn’t start right at the beginning.

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Day 10…President Trump Visits!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have to work today as our tents were being used for security checks by the Secret Service.  So I took it easy and as the time became nearer for the Presidents speech, I could tell there was a lot of antipathy about going to it by a number of Scouters. I also heard the line to get in was a mile and a half long to get in, which didn’t make it very appealing either. Continue reading

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Day 9…Being Reverent!

Because of all the church services this morning, things didn’t start until 1 pm today. It didn’t help that fact the Opening Ceremonies ended around 10pm last night, as most people went to bed later than usual anyway. Continue reading

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Day 8…Boy Scout President, Randall Stephenson interviewed!

It seemed as hot today as any other day, but today the Summit announced:I’m not aware there was anything serious as a result of, but we were filling up the water bottles constantly. Continue reading

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Day 7…U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, honored!

It has been hot the entire time we have been here, but it hasn’t rained until today.  And that was only about a half hour. Unfortunately our luck may have ran our as I understand there is rain forecast for the duration of our stay to some degree.  Needless to say, we were ready and sealed up our tents. Continue reading

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Day 6…Scouts enjoy first full day of the Jamboree!

Today everything started at 8am and went strong up until 5pm! Although we (Boys Life) have a premier location (next to the amphitheater) we are somewhat hard to see.  So we got more Scouts today but I personally only helped one Scout with an Instagram post. Continue reading

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Day 5…Scouts arrive!

Scouts were rolling in all day and our view out our tent changed a lot with all the blue/gray tents popping up everywhere!  Our Council contingent, including my 15 year old son, arrived as well, although not sure where they are at this point? Continue reading

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Day 4…all set up!

It’s probably good that Scouts will arrive throughout the day tomorrow, as things won’t be as busy at the different areas and give us a chance to shake out things.  And the schedule is 12-5pm. So Thursday should be when things are in full swing when things will be open from 8am-5pm. Continue reading

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Day 3…Getting ready for the Scouts!

Made a lot of headway today getting the areas set up for the Scouts who arrive on Wednesday, the official start of the Jamboree. In the Hometowns Media area, the staff got Microsoft Office installed on the laptops the Scouts will be using to write stories.  On the Boys Life side, the Aaron Derr and his team were working to get the video editing software working rights I tweeted earlier. Continue reading

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Day 2…Arrived at the Summit!

As mentioned yesterday, we were on the 10:00 am bus for the Summit from the Charlotte Airport.  While at the hotel, we ran into Jonathan who is is the leader of the contingent from Liberia.  Many International Scouts are at the Jamboree to see how we do it, for the 2019 World Jamboree is at the Bechtel Summit too. Below is a photo of Jonathan and Jay who I met yesterday from my Twitter post earlier today. Continue reading

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Day 1…but not at the Summit!

Well everything started off good this morning.  Up at 4:30 am, plane left San Diego at 7:15, we were arriving at Charlotte, NC ahead of schedule, then the weather intervened 😳 There were thunderstorms in the Charlotte area and we had to go into a circling pattern, waiting for it to clear. Continue reading

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