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New and old books

Just added a couple great Scout books to my collection, The American Boys Handy Book, which was Originally published in 1888.  It was written by Daniel Carter Beard, who founded the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905, which Beard later merged with the Boy Scouts of America.


The second is an original 5th Edition copy of the Handbook for Boys, aka Boy Scout Handbook.  It was in print from 1948-1959.

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JFK and Boy Scouts

One of my favorite photos of JFK with a Boy Scout http://bit.ly/19OzPhc on this 50th anniversary of his death. #JFK #BSA #Troop362ElCajon

JFK meets a Star Scout

Also lots of other great photos of JFK with Scouts on Bryan on Scouting’s Blog http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2013/11/22/remembering-john-f-kennedy-the-first-president-to-have-been-a-boy-scout/

What would be cool to see, would be a photo of JFK when he was a Scout. Has anyone ever seen one…does one exist?

There are also some great non Scout JFK photos on the History Channel website http://www.history.com/shows/jfk-specials/pictures

Finally, on a personal note, on the day I was born and on the way to the hospital, my Mom voted for Nixon and my Dad for JFK 🙂

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