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Day 5 at Philmont Training Center

Out Key 3 Group started off the day doing the flag ceremony.  Spent a while figuring out which flag went where as there are five flags to put up.  I ended up carrying the New Mexico flag.

Went to Rocky Mountain Scout Camp which is fairly close to the Tooth of Time.  We did a combined meeting with the Council Key 3 group and went over our ‘Parking Lot’ questions. The scenery was fantastic and we did a lot of posing for photos.


Two of my kids went for an overnight hike, so I’ll be interested what kind of time they had tomorrow as it rained periodically throughout the day.

My wife went golfing in Raton and among other animals saw a bear. Did I mention before that you see deer everywhere.

Went around Villa Philamonte and took some photos. Also went inside the three story part, which appears to be used as an office and maybe people even live there.


Had a chance to see the closing ceremony at the Camping Center across the street which was pretty neat. Moved indoors because of the rain which they seem prepared for.


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